We usually tend to associate the term protein with only meat and seafood! But what about the other fruits, vegetables, and other edibles that might contain protein?

This is especially useful for vegans and vegetarians who will need protein from sources other than meat. Here are some ideas that will help you acquire proteins from non-meat food.

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

1. Green peas

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

Not many people would know the importance of green peas in their regular diets. A cup of green peas can add more proteins into your system than eggs. Dipped in mayonnaise, this forms a great spread of food like sandwiches and pasta.

You could include it in your omelettes for your breakfast. This adds proteins and vitamins in your body. You do not need to consume specific meaty food for proteins anymore. Green peas will do the job for you!

2. Nuts

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

Nuts are really filling edibles. These are useful for snacks in the morning, at evening or any time during the day. These are ideal for the input of proteins in the system.

These include the likes of peanuts, walnuts, pistachios and the likes. Peanuts offer a whopping 9 grams of proteins per ¼ of a cup. Make sure you have these convenient snacks with you while you are on the go, travelling.

Peanut butter is another exciting option. You can team with your breakfast or lunch during the day.

3. Oats

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

A huge part of the world’s population consumes oats for breakfast as it has unending nourishment for the body. You can team it with milk to have the perfect breakfast with cereals.

You could also add some flavor fruits, in the likes of strawberries to have the perfect meal. Having high content of proteins, these are ideal for a morning snack.

4. Milk and dairy products

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

There is nothing that can beat milk in terms of nourishment value. This is why milk is consumed on a daily basis all across the world. There are different ways of having this food. You could either have a glass of milk each day or team it with some cereals in the morning.

There are other options, of course. Making a smoothie or a milkshake is also a convenient option. Sometimes, you could go out of the box and opt for dairy products like cheese for best effects. Some yoghurt a day can also bring in the desired effect.

5. Eggs

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

Eggs are one of the biggest sources of proteins from non-meat foods. A regular consumption of eggs can keep your protein content high.

It is best to have your egg half boiled every day so that you could get around 6 grams of proteins. The white part of the egg can result in 5 grams of proteins. Just include it in your regular meals for getting adequate proteins every day.

6. Leafy vegetables

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

For vegetarians, this is the most important source of proteins. Not just proteins, vitamins and minerals are also obtained from leafy vegetables. This would include the likes of spinach or broccoli.

You could either have your spinach raw in your meals or have it steamed to bring out the best in spinach. Not only vegetables have huge quantities of proteins, so make sure you are aware of what you are eating.

7. Chia seeds

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

These seeds are obtained from chia plants. These have high quantities of proteins. All you have to do is add them to your regular meals and you will receive adequate amounts of proteins and fibre.

You could include these on to your salads; add a few of these seeds on to your regular cereals or yoghurt. Another important aspect here is that chia seeds provide a gelatinous texture like a pudding to appease the taste buds.

8. Sesame seeds

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

While we are on the topic of chia seeds, we must not leave out the goodness of the other seeds available today. Having seeds like sesame and sunflower can do wonders to your body system.

Include it in your diet, maybe a few times a week and you will keep receiving good amounts of protein regularly.

9. Seitan

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

This is a great meat supplement for vegetarians. It is made from wheat gluten and some great flavors. It tastes a lot like chicken but has some of the best nutrients for the body. The protein content is high and thus this is ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

10. Cocoa powder

Top 10 Protein Foods Without Meat

You would be surprised to know the goodness hidden in cocoa powder. You could use it for your baking sessions or for making hot chocolate. But make sure the cocoa powder is not sweetened.

There are other calorie free sweeteners that can add flavour to the foods you make. This will increase the protein content in your body and keep your body weight in check.