5 Chest workouts for guys

Below, is a quick breakdown of my favorite chest workouts for guys in the health club. The following pec workouts for guys need to be employed for a 4 – six wk period.

I like to do reps anyplace from 6 -12 for 3 – 4 sets. If you are seeking for a more lean toned look stick with greater reps (12-15) and sets (4-five) with significantly less weight.

If your soon after the bulk or large appear then stack on the weight with significantly fewer reps (four-6) and much fewer sets (three).

1. Bench press

5 Ideal Chest Workouts For Men

Lay down on a flat bench — guaranteeing to not arch your back — and grasp the barbell placing your hands shoulder-width an element, palms facing your feet, and push the weights straight up and down once again.

If you do this even though on an incline, you are going to position more focus on your upper chest muscles, in contrast to the decline places more focus on your reduced chest.

2. Flat flies

5 Ideal Chest Workouts For Men

Lying down on the flat bench, take one dumbbell in each hand and flex your elbows so your hands are by your shoulders along with your palms facing in.

Push your arms straight up and decrease the dumbbells by your sides, keeping a tiny flex in your elbows, and return to the beginning position. This approach operates each your inner and upper chest.

3. Dumbbell press

5 Ideal Chest Workouts For Men

Lay down on a flat bench, get a single dumbbell in each hand, flex your elbows so your hands tend to be by your shoulders with your palms facing your feet, and use your pectoral muscle tissues to push the dumbbells upward and down once again.

You can attempt these possessing a slight incline with the bench, which will place added concentrate on your upper chest, or with a decline, that areas much more concentrate on your decrease chest muscle tissues.

4. Push-ups

5 Ideal Chest Workouts For Men

Go into a push-up position, with all your weight distributed between your toes and your hands with your legs, hips and back in a straight line.

Reduced and lift up your body by bending your elbows, guaranteeing your arm position is 90° at the bottom of the motion.
If you choose a higher challenge, attempt carrying out decline push-ups with your feet elevated making use of a bench or a balance ball, which will place improved strain in your upper physique muscle tissues.

For even more intense of a workout place your hands in a diamond shape on the floor to do diamond push-ups.

5. Chest dips

5 Ideal Chest Workouts For Men

Support your body up on the dip bar ensuring to maintain your head down and your legs directly beneath you. Reduce oneself by bending your elbows, and come back up to the beginning position.

I like the burn on this one particular and be certain to focus your movement on your chest muscle tissues vs. your triceps. You can bend your knees and have a spotter aid you on your last couple dips.